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Just as everyone has a story, everyone has a health journey. Lynn Gale, a certified health and wellness coach, with her giving and loving heart, walks side by side with others to transform their health.  Lynn knows the path isn’t always easy but with a coach and a friend, the path is easier.  



Lynn Gale, certified health coach, transforming clients in the United States, Hong Kong and Sinapore.  Lynn continues to keep pace with her health at 53, because her health at 50 was not optimal and with cardiovascular issues possibly on the horizon, Lynn made a decision which affected every area of her life; she worked with a great program, leaned on her health coach, lost 35 pounds and grew mentally strong.  The success beyond the scale was immeasurable.  Joy, is the first word which comes to her mind.  Then peace, love, friendship and newfound energy towards what matters most to her, her two children, her five dogs, her long-time love and husband Dave and her health.  "Paying it forward" is Lynn's favorite mantra as she coaches the same program which brought her such success.